The sceneries of Ellen Akimoto take place in two-dimensional rooms, partly phantasy, partly memory, partly dream. The room with the yellow walls and the round arched window – behind a changing mountainous region. A carpet or a parquet flooring fold in the parallel perspective so that one can better see the pattern. Ornaments appear to be pulled in the visual world with "drag & drop": the net curtain, the vase, the cup, the tablecloth, the colored blouse. 

On these stages, often but not reliable there appear three-dimensional actors: The artist herself, a rubber tree, a tomcat, a blond woman, a man without trousers, a horse, a black tattooist, ducks. The setting is simple, the effect however is sustaining and deep. These paintings fascinate. 

On the left side of a kissing couple, a book of pictures from Giotto is lying on a chest of drawers. The Italian Master personifies the begin of three-dimensional painting, the renaissance and the humanism. What is this, that we experience 700 years later? 

Ellen Akimoto was born in Westlake Village, Kalifornia in 1988. She studied at the California State University, Chico. the college of Art Mainz and as a master student of Annette Schröter at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig.