Erasmus Schröter was one of the most interesting photographers of his generation. "Schröter was an incredibly multi-faceted artist who explored various visual languages ​​with relish." (Andreas Höll) Schröter worked as a freelance photographer in Leipzig, left the GDR in 1985 and moved to Hamburg. He published in renowned magazines (FAZ, Stern, Spiegel, Art, Zeit.Magazin, Tempo) From 1990 onwards he worked intensively with light-staged photography and realized projects such as “Bunker”, “Lauben”, “Waffen” and “Flora”.

As one of the “nomads among photographers” and “driven by lustful instinct” (Christoph Tannert), he went to the concrete invalids of the Atlantic Wall in order to assign them a leading role in a nightmarish atmosphere. Klaus Honnef wrote about his "bunkers"; their recordings filled the scenes of the war "with a dazzling, wandering existence, with the dramatic life of the theater".

In 1997 Erasmus Schröter returned to Leipzig with his wife Annette. The series "Hasenland" was created together with her. The two posed in rabbit costumes in front of black and white landscapes that were reminiscent of the scenes of the Romantics. Ironic symbols emerged of the artist's outsider role in society.

"For his last major series, Erasmus Schröter regularly attended the Gothic Festival, which has been taking place annually in Leipzig since 2011, and portrayed men against a monochrome background who compete against each other in dark, eerie costumes and with faces smeared with artificial blood. In the masquerade of the They found their ideal of beauty in horror, and their game in the premonition of death. It is exactly the balancing act that Erasmus Schröter has been doing all his life. "(Freddy Langer) Erasmus Schröter died on April 18, 2021.