Founded in 1996 by the art historian Joerk Rothamel, the gallery has showrooms in Erfurt and (since 2005) Frankfurt am Main, represents established positions and also aspiring artists. The gallery publishes numerous catalogs, works regularly with museums and exhibits at art fairs.

On the occasion of twenty-year existence, the gallery opened a new built exhibition archive in december 2016. In 2017 there came after a new constructed sculpture venue and also a project space.


The new exhibition archive – a photograph from november 2017

On the sculpture venue - Dana Meyer’s group of work with the title "The gorge“.

The project-space in autumn 2017. In the picture one can see paintings from Nguyen Xuan Huy.

That’s where it all began: The building of the former printery "Fortschritt" in the street Kleine Arche 1 in Erfurt.

After just three weeks of preparation the gallery moved into the premises in the 1st floor and opened the first exhibition on november 21th in 1996. The response to it was amazing – 500 people came and danced until the early hours. A private gallery for contemporary art was a novelty in Thuringia. Our mission is to support artists, to push them, to publish them, bring them into museums and important privat collections and also to show them on major art fairs.

 Galerie Rothamel, Erfurt, Kleine Arche 1a, 2016