Hiroyuki Masuyama

In 2024, we will be celebrating Caspar David Friedrich's 250th birthday. Many contemporary artists have explored the oeuvre of Germany’s greatest artist of the romanticism, but probably none as intensively as Hiroyuki Masuyama. Consequently, Masuyama is in great demand this year: he is exhibiting at the Hamburger Kunsthalle, the Bundesrat, the Alte Nationalgalerie and the Pommersches Landesmuseum in Friedrich's native city of Greifswald. And of course with us!

Hiroyuki Masuyama focuses on space and time. He condenses their presence and flow into overwhelming yet subtle works.

For Masuyama, art is a great adventure and freedom beyond all limitations of space and time: he shows us places where all seasons reign at the same time. He proves that you can see something from all sides at the same time. He cycles through an entire year in one minute and lets us float freely in space.

A whole series of time travels leads Masuyama to Caspar David Friedrich. Using hundreds of photographic images, Masuyama recomposed the works of the great Romantic artist and allows us to experience their fascination anew in a contemporary form.

"The time levels merged in this way make it clear once again: art only ever has one present. It is the one in which thinking about it takes place." Michael Freitag