Moritz Götze

Moritz Götze emphatically characterizes his art as a German pop, and he does not regard Pop Art as a purely Anglo-American affair. Without diminishing the merits of David Hockney, Allen Jones, or Bob Rauschenberg, he points out to the engravings and woodcuts by Cranach and Durer which were widely spread and most popular during the times of Luther’s reformation and the religious wars. Regarding these five-centuries-old traditions of a popular art in Germany, Götze developed not only a new idea, but also a new style of European Pop with deep roots down to an extraordinary rich art history.

Meanwhile, twenty-five extensive monographs are devoted to the artist and his numerous works - paintings, paperwork, graphics, enamels, mosaics and sculptures. Moritz Götze is the founder of the Hasenverlag publishing house, he curates, promotes musicians and is involved in the preservation of monuments; He designs stage sets, book fairs and festivals. Currently he is equipping the Bernburg Castle Church of St. Aegidia with large enamel compositions.