Moritz Götze

Moritz Götze (* 1964 in Halle) is a very versatile, committed and true artist. It alleviates the paradoxical disinformity of the so-called information age. Götze returns frowned upon categories such as heroism and beauty, grace and a thirst for research. Götze's artistic remix of high culture recalls forgotten things and straightens things that are twisted.

It is already clear that he will leave behind one of the most extensive artistic oeuvres of our time: painting, architectural works, emails, mosaics, sculptures, objects, drawings and graphics. The inventive Halle native created new screen printing techniques and renewed contemporary enamel painting. Moritz Götze appeared in hundreds of individual and group shows worldwide, in renowned and eccentric locations. His works can be seen in numerous public collections. So far, he has published more than two dozen mostly opulent and always exquisite catalogs. Moritz Götze describes his art as German Pop; The artist does not define pop art as an invention of the 20th century, but refers to the leaflets of the 16th century as the first examples of popular art.

“If history is a dark room, Götze is one of the light-makers. He affords the clear view, free of ideology. “(Christoph Tannert)

“He always gives the doom of strangeness, the polluted planet, the forgotten or atrophied between the window sill, the beach and the sky of the air war, the poetry of a final untouchability, the weight of an unquestionable existence, and therefore also astonishment because the event counts for him, not his reason . Seeing it like this makes him an artist, showing it like this, Götze. ”(Michael Freitag)