22. October 2016 - 23. December 2016

After one year in Rome Hans-Christian Schink is coming back with two new series – „Aqua Claudia“ and „EUR.“.

The Aqua Claudia was an antique aqueduct for water supply of the main Roman cities with a total length from the source to the citycenter about 69 kilometers long. From the today’s Parco degli Aquedotti to the Porta Maggiore the still existing fragments pervade the south-eastern disctricts. Hans-Christian Schink is following the aqueduct through the urban landscapes and is showing a cross-section of the historic development of the city. 

Esposizione Universale di Roma (EUR, how the Romans call it) is the name of a district that was built in Rome beginning with 1938. Hans-Christian Schink approaches the phenomenon "EUR" in a new and special way. He resists the visual temptation of the monumental axis’, magnificient central perspectives and strict light-shade games. He intentionally avoids the vanishing points, shows sculptures from their reverses and focuses the viewer’s eye on banalities. With this democratic perspective Schink breaks with the places’ intended gestures of power. In addition, the absence of men and vehicles is shifting the atmosphere into the surreal.

Hans-Christian Schink, born 1961 in Erfurt/Germany, lives and works in Berlin. His works are displayed and published internationally and can be found at important private and public collections. In 2013 he was honoured with the LEAD Award in gold, in 2014 with the Villa Massimo fellowship of the German Academy in Rome.

We cordially invite you and your friends to the opening with the artist. Please join us on Saturday, October the 22nd, at 9pm. 

Hans-Christian Schink, Rom, photography, 22nd october till 23nd december

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