THITZ -  LATEST UTOPIAN CIVILIZATIONS Thitz, Utopische Zivilisation im Gebirge - Mönch, Jungfrau, Eiger, 2018, acrylic and bags on canvas, 140 x 180 cm
3. September 2018 - 13. October 2018

Latest Utopian Civilizations

03 September until 13 Oktober 2018

In recent months Thitz has been able to make some ideas, that he has been pursuing for a long time, visible and tangible for everyone in the form of new bag pictures. The series "Utopian Civilizations" continues to evolve. Since this year, the inhabitants of these positive future plans no longer only inhabit green forests and meadows, also mountains and diverse landscapes. They are conquering previously unknown habitats. On the other hand, the proliferating utopia also affects existing cities such as Paris and New York.

In addition, Thitz Urban Bag Art pictures became even stronger and more succinct. The bag as an urban cultural element becomes physical and fills the entire space of the picture, both in the painting ground and as a multi-layered "cultural medium". "For the Thitzworld, the bag is therefore the motive born, symbolizing and realizing globalization in one." (Dr Stephan Mann, Museum Goch, 2016).


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