Annette Schröter

Sign Sign, 2014, black and white paper, spray paint, 100 x 200 cm
25. January 2019 - 26. January 2019

Annette Schroter

paper cuts
Gallery Rothamel Frankfurt
25th to 26th of January 2019

What drives a painter to exchange the diverse possibilities of her medium - color, texture, texture - against the technique of paper cutting, which at first glance is inadequate? It is the challenge to use reduced ressources to achieve the complex effect of the very best painting - to represent spaces, people and even surfaces. Uniqueness is important for contemporary art, and Annette Schröter's unique selling proposition is the completely new, astounding and perfect application of the seemingly centuries-old and dusty medium paper cut.

First of all, the format stands out and has grown into a monument. Annette Schröter works with patterns and contours, spaces, textures and blurs. But she also plays out the actual strengths of the paper cut, the linear, the ornament. Our reality, graffiti on decaying industrial architecture, enigmatic buildings in residential areas or plant-covered wire mesh fences are at the center of their artistic interest. How perfectly Annette Schröter mastered her medium could be compared in 2011 - in the Kunsthalle Hamburg and the Museum of Modern Art Klagenfurt in Kärnten, where she exhibited paper cuts together with artists such as William Kentridge, Olaf Nicolai and Kara Walker. Annette Schröter and her husband, the photographer Erasmus Schröter, recently exhibited at the Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig.

We invite you and your friends to the opening with the artist on Friday, 25th January 2019 at 19 pm. On Saturday, 26th January from 11am to 4pm, our gallery in Fahrgasse Frankfurt will be open for the last time. We were terminated and at the end of January we move out. We will move into the new Frankfurt rooms in the spring of 2019.

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