The Global Bag Art Project

The Global Bag Art Project
7. March 2020 - 29. April 2020

Thitz is a master of the lively urban landscape. New York, Tokyo, Milano, he painted all the big cities, in acrylic and ink over bags on canvas that protrude at the edge of the picture - the handle as a sign of recognition. For a long time it was loud, colorful, vital, hectic and smelled of large crossings. It has been quieter for a few years now: Thitz is greening his world, covering his cities with rampant forests or putting them under water.

So we see, reflected in Thitz ’works, the future of our planet through the telescopes of a time machine. Berlin and New York are still activist, so it's green that the stalks are cracking, but time seems to have passed the old metropolises without a trace. Paris lies under a shimmering silvery sky. In Venice, bags float leisurely down the Grand Canal towards Dougana - suddenly it appears that Canaletto and Thitz were sitting next to each other on the easels and looking over each other's shoulders. Venice!? Shouldn't that sink? No, even in the Thitz period, the Serenissima rises out of the lagoon completely unimpressed.

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