Ellen Akimoto, Undine Bandelin, Mona Broschár, Jörg Ernert, Franca Franz, Moritz Götze, Harald Reiner Gratz, Jonathan Kraus, Bodo Korsig, Dana Meyer, Nguyen Xuan Huy, Ofra Ohana, Wieland Payer, uvm.

12. September 2020 - 31. October 2020

Ellen Akimoto
Undine Bandelin
Mona Broschár
Jörg Ernert
Franca Franz
Moritz Götze
Harald Reiner Gratz
Jonathan Kraus
Bodo Korsig
Dana Meyer
Nguyen Xuan Huy
Ofra Ohana
Wieland Payer

Stefanie Pojar
Michael Ritzmann
Marten Schädlich
Annette Schröter
Ivana de Vivanco
Vincent Wenzel

The Europeans called them the "Roaring Twenties", Americans "the roaring twenties". It was celebrated like never before, but communism, fascism and world war were already in sight.

Today, a hundred years later, hedonism, ideologies and lack of plan are once again defining the zeitgeist. The democracies fluctuate, the facts sink into the morass of the information society.

Twenty of the most exciting German artists depict our time. They represent a wide variety of views, styles and genres, but each of the works on show brings a piece of the present into the work. This gripping exhibition ranges from the bathing scene to the monumental social panorama, from the religious subject to self-questioning.

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