Hans - Christian Schink

7. November 2020 - 22. December 2020

Hans-Christian Schink
November 7th to December 23rd, 2020

Hans-Christian Schink (* 1961 in Erfurt) photographs “special landscapes, at the intersection of human endeavors and their natural conditions. It is this human interest that constitutes 'landscape' only by lifting it out as a figure from the surrounding land, as it were figuratively delimiting it from the ground. ”Writes Kai Uwe Schierz.

“Can you say less but say everything at the same time?” Asks Mark Siemons in the FAZ, while Boris Hohmeyer for “Art” judges a work by Schink that it is “as strict and beautiful as painted by Barnett Newman”.

In addition to Hans-Christian Schink's exhibition “So Far” in the Kunsthalle Erfurt, we are presenting selected works from the “Vietnam” and “Antarctica” series.


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