Terra Incognita
Wieland Payer

Terra Incognita
26. June 2020 - 30. August 2020

WIELAND PAYER Terra Incognita June 26 to August 30 Rothamel Gallery Frankfurt We cordially invite you and your friends to Frankfurt for the opening with Wieland Payer on Friday, June 26 at 7 p.m. We live in the Anthropocene: The rapidly growing population has become the most important factor influencing the biological, geological and atmospheric processes on Earth. If we continue to multiply, the collapse is a matter of a few decades. Wieland Payer creates counter-designs. His "Terra Incognita", the unknown country, is largely free of people and covered with enigmatic appearances. Do they come from fictions, descriptions of Humboldtian explorers or simply artistic imagination? Payer weaves representational, abstract and metaphysical into something new. His ideal landscapes act as visions of another world. His objects give the impression that this world is already present. Their unusual appearance corresponds to the fantastic character of the works: Wieland Payer works with pastel painting and presents it in new splendor. He achieves this through her unusual application to large format, brilliant mastery and careful further development of technology, through graphic virtuosity and a special feeling for fascinating topics. Wieland Payer (* 1981) studied at the Burg Giebichenstein Halle University of Art (diploma, 2009), the Accademia di Belle Arti Rome (Erasmus scholarship) and at the Royal College of Art in London (scholarship from the Studienstiftung and the DAAD, Master, 2011). Works by the young artist are in renowned public collections.

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