04. September 2020 - 28. November 2020

Nguyen Xuan Huy
The Mirror
September 4 to November 28, 2020
Rothamel Gallery Frankfurt

We cordially invite you and your friends to the opening with the artist as part of the start of the season on Friday, September 4, 2020 at 7 p.m. in our Frankfurt gallery.

Nguyen Xuan Huy holds up the mirror to Europe. In the spirit of classic European painting from the Renaissance to the Fauves, he developes breathtaking pictures of haunting relevance.

The different avant-gardes are the face of the ideologies and violence of the twentieth century. Nguyen turns away from them. His starting point is the classical European art, based on humanism and enlightenment. Nguyen recalls groundbreaking compositions such as Géricault's "Le Radeau de la Méduse", Goya's "Caprichos" and Michelangelo's ceiling paintings in the Sistine Chapel and interprets them in a contemporary context.

Nguyen's paintings are constructive, vital, perfectly staged and virtuously set provocations. They differ in form and content from almost everything we know from current art. They challenge their viewers emotionally and intellectually.

Ngyuen Xuan Huy (* 1976 in Hanoi) came to Germany at the age of seventeen and studied at Giebichenstein Art College. He completed study visits to France and the United States. Today he lives and works in Berlin.

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