La vita è bella
Moritz Götze

La vita è bella
11. January 2020 - 1. May 2020

Dear friends of art,

on occasion, our exhibition "La vita è bella" with works by Moritz Götze runs until May 1st.
I wish you and your loved ones a relaxing and contemplative Easter day, keep your body and soul healthy!

Yours Jörk Rothamel

Moritz Götze's exhibition "La vita è bella" is about beauty, adventure, love, play, the heroic and the tragic in life, the how in the film by Roberto Benigni and also like in real life. We show emails and painting.

Moritz Götze was born in Halle in 1964. It already means that it will become one of the most controversial artistic oeuvres of our time: painting, architectural works, emails, mosaics, sculptures, objects, drawings and buildings. He appeared in hundreds of individual and group shows around the world, a renowned and an eccentric place. Works by the artist can be seen in the following public collections. So far he has published more than two dozen catalogs that are opulent and always exquisite.

“If the story is a dark room, then Idols become the illuminators. He has the clear view, free of ideology. "(Christoph Tannert)

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