21. March 2015 - 2. May 2015

On first thoughts, one can think of the old masters ringing out their influence in these paintings. In fact, the works of Jochen Görlach are influenced from his intensive examination of the Baroque painting. The masters, such as Caravaggio and his chiaroscuro, fascinate Görlach, inspiring him to play within the depths of light and shade.  

The Obscure is the motif and ideological basis of the works Görlach. His predominantly youthful figures, usually solitary, rarely acting in groups, appearing out of the darkness as figures of the imagination; devoid of all relationships, they allow a unrestrained mapping by the viewer solely on the basis of their personal attributes and attitudes.

These appearing figures, seemingly out of nowhere, evoke pathos. Undisturbed, we witness the "other side", a "pharmacist” wearing the slogan "blood brothers", a beautiful girl at night carrying a roll of paper.
After a semester at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, Görlach used his painting talent in a more practical mode- he trained as a restorer. During his restoration days Görlach became familiar with the intricacies of the old masters glazing technique. He now uses these influences today in his paintings, whilst paying special attention to the subtle shades of the flesh tones.

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