> 1000 words
Ellen Aklmoto, Undine Bandelin, Ivana de Vivanco, Jonathan Kraus, Nguyen Xuan Huy, Marten Schädlich

> 1000 words
16. January 2021 - 28. August 2021

>1000 Words

The exhibition is supported by Stiftung Kunstfonds Art Fund Foundation. A catalog appears.

For half a millennium, modern European painting told stories, parables and legends. Then development began to race, and modernity moved the artistic snapshot into focus, the shock, the emotional overwhelming.

The longing for the stories remained and is expressed today in cinematic epics, the sprawling video installations and projects of the curated large-scale exhibitions and the scenarios of media influencers.

The painters in the “> 1000 Words” exhibition take up this longing. They tell complex, virtuoso - and amazingly traditional. They create elaborate compositions, use spatial and color perspectives, maintain anatomical correctness, and follow principles of painting technology.

When digital natives encounter these completely analog works, they are fascinated. “Painted everything? By hand?? How does that work ??? “When young recipients turn to the content, they easily penetrate it. The Instagram generation has routine in dealing with complex codes and stories and a passion for the encrypted. Long contemplation, passionate discussions, surprising interpretations - we have experienced all of this during past exhibitions.

Our presentation "> 1000 Words" presents six artists: Ellen Akimoto (* 1988), Undine Bandelin (* 1980), Ivana de Vivanco (* 1989), Jonathan Kraus (* 1989), Nguyen Xuan Huy (* 1976) and Marten Schädlich (* 1986).


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