Hiroyuki Masuyama

19. January 2021 - 30. April 2021

The works of art by Hiroyuki Masuyama bring space and time into a new context. One of his most famous photographic series follows the most important painter of German Romanticism, Caspar David Friedrich, into the nineteenth century.

Masuyama explores those magical places where Friedrich found the inspiration for his painting dedicated to the sublime. He reconstructs Friedrich's painting from thousands of detailed recordings. The resulting digital works of art acquire the credibility of photographic images. Imaginations of the nineteenth century viewed through the eyes of the twenty-first: an exciting journey through time begins. Seeing the past in the light of the present without the patina of time - Hiroyuki Masuyama makes it possible.

Hiroyuki Masuyama was born in Tsukuba in 1968. He graduated from the University of the Arts in Tokyo, studied at the Art Academy in Düsseldorf and at the Art Academy for Media, Cologne. Museums, art halls and galleries in Europe and Japan hosted numerous solo exhibitions for him.

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