6. June 2015 - 25. July 2015

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We cordially invite you and your friends to the opening of Jörg Ernert’s “Nachbilder” exhibition. The opening will be held on June the 6th at 9pm at our Erfurt Gallery. We welcome special guest speaker Dr. Jan Nicolaisen from the Museum of Fine Arts, Leipzig.

What happens when the painting culture of the Leipzig School meets key works of art history? Jörg Ernert’s new works show exactly this unification. Colours, shapes and content relationships appear in a previously unseen light.

Jörg Ernert has taken many excursions to see the masters of art history, eliciting him to create new versions of their works in his own characteristic style. Ernert’s preferred interest is the question of how far abstraction can go, where the object has to stay visible, whilst exploring the ways in which reduction enriches the image.

His “Nachbilder” exhibition, or “ After Images” in English, investigates this subject effusively. His works analyse a phenomenon that already Rubens, Rembrandt and Titian have explored with fascination; how a work of art can be most alive when the painting only delivers to the viewer the visual framework of the object, arousing the visual senses and memory to complete what is being seen - namely, not only through visual memories, but also through awakening the memories of smell, taste and feelings once felt.

Jörg Ernert was born in 1974. Since 2012 he has been the Professor of Painting at the HGB Leipzig.

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