Dana Meyer & Wieland Payer

26. August 2023 - 1. October 2023


The expeditions of Dana Meyer and Wieland Payer lead to remote places of longing, which most people only visit in their imagination. What is more, they leave the framework of our time.

The insects from Dana Meyer's "South Pacific Expedition" were allegedly caught between 1906 and 1912, classified, placed in jars, and neatly labeled. They are knowledgeably and artistically hammered out of metal, chased and partly painted.

Wieland Payer traveled the Andes and the jungle in Humboldt's footsteps. He encountered landscapes full of natural wonders such as supernatural phenomena, collected artifacts and recorded his impressions in masterfully executed large format pastels.

Dana Meyer, South Pacific Expedition | South Pacific Expedition, Detail

Wieland Payer, Seeker, 2023, pastel, ink and watercolor on MDF | pastel, ink and watercolor on MDF, Ø 145 cm

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