Im Schatten der Ereignisse
Moritz Götze

Im Schatten der Ereignisse
25. November 2023 - 17. February 2024

Moritz Götze looks at our world from surprising perspectives and puts it into distinctive works of art. He acts like someone who has experienced everything first hand, but is reporting on our time from the distant future. This narrative perspective makes some things bearable that are difficult to bear when viewed from a distance. Götze's warm-hearted and alert works gift their viewers with a unique aura. Götze describes his art as German pop and dates its roots back to the humanism of the 16th century. He created one of the most extensive oeuvres of our time: paintings, architectural works, enamels, mosaics, sculptures, objects, drawings and graphics. He created new screen printing techniques and innovated contemporary enamel painting. Moritz Götze appeared in hundreds of individual and group shows around the world, both at prestigious and eccentric locations. His works can be seen in numerous public collections, and his artistic oeuvre is one of the most extensive of our time. “If history is a darkroom, then Götze is one of the lightmakers. He affords an unclouded view, free of ideology.” (Christoph Tannert)

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