Jörg Ernert

19. January 2024 - 5. March 2024

Jörg Errnert creates spaces of extraordinary freedom and visual depth. His paintings are so succinct and stimulating that they are happy and addictive, similar to fabulously good music. Ernert improvises with extreme precision and insight - he is the jazzer among the artists of the new Leipzig school.

Ernert finds his motivic inspiration in both the real and the pictorial world. Climbing halls, opera stages and wholesale markets supplied him with material in series. Another source of inspiration is the works of colleagues, preferably and strangely of Venetian origin. Ernert adapts her painted spaces, fills them with his light, directs their paths towards the ecliptic of his own visual worlds. These afterimages are supplemented by our own studies that were created in Venice in recent years.

Ernert's interest lies in the question of how far abstraction can go if the object is to remain recognizable, and in what way reduction enriches the image. They analyze a phenomenon that already fascinated Rubens, Rembrandt or Titian: works of art appear most alive when they only provide the eye with an optical framework that is completed by memory.

Jörg Ernert has held a professorship for painting, drawing and composition at the HGB Leipzig since 2012.

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