Stille Größe
Grita & Moritz Götze

Stille Größe
15. March 2024 - 21. April 2024

Grita Götze creates ceramics whose quality confidently leaves the boundaries of applied art behind: her painting is virtuosic and the technical perfection is enormous. Works by the artist can be found in collections such as those of the August Kaestner Museum in Hanover, the Baden State Museum in Karlsruhe, the Moritzburg Art Museum in Halle, the Decorative Arts Museum in Berlin and the Museum Ludwig.
“Anyone who would like to experience how beauty and the image of nature can mutually enhance each other in an artistic object will find fascinating models in Grita Götze's ceramic works. With the gesture of the self-evident, usability and decor, vessel shape and ornament are in perfect harmony in these objects.”
Karin Thomas

It is already clear that he will leave behind one of the most extensive artistic oeuvres of our time: paintings, architectural works, enamels, mosaics, sculptures, objects, drawings and graphics. The inventive Halle resident Moritz Götze (*1964 in Halle) created new screen printing techniques and innovated contemporary enamel painting.
Moritz Götze appeared in hundreds of individual and group shows worldwide, at renowned and eccentric locations. His works can be seen in numerous public collections. So far he has published more than two dozen catalogs, mostly opulent and always exquisitely beautiful. Moritz Götze describes his art as German pop; The artist does not define Pop Art as an invention of the 20th century, but rather refers to the leaflets of the 16th century as the first examples of popular art.

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