Opening of our new project space with Emily Allchurch

Opening of our new project space with Emily Allchurch
23. May 2017

Emily Allchurch
Galerie Rothamel Erfurt
Project Space

We cordially invite you to the opening of our new project space with Emily Allchurch.
Please join us on Saturday, 27 May at 8 pm.

Galleries are tied to their artists' lists and programs. This sometimes makes a little clumsy. We have longed for manoeuvrability and want to be more flexible again - with our new project space. Freedom of decision-making and speedy implementation, that was the desire. Small exhibitions, discussion rounds, actions and work presentations apart from the series - that's the point. Be our guests.

Let's start next Saturday, 27 May at 8 pm with a small show by and with Emily Allchurch. Last January during the London Art Fair Emily appeared at our booth. We showed the Turner series by Hiroyuki Masuyama, and she said she was doing "something similar". When she introduced herself, I was delighted: Her works were already noticeable to me. I had already thought of offering a collaboration to her local gallerist, Giles Baker-Smith, and now everything went very fast and easy. Works by Emily Allchurch traveled to Germany and a group of Hiroyuki Masuyama oeuvres stayed with my British colleague.

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