Hans-Christian Schink in Kummerow Castle

Hans-Christian Schink in Kummerow Castle
16. June 2020

From June 20, 2020 Opening: June 20, 2020 Curator: Daniel Blochwitz This year's Provincia special exhibition combines four positions with photographs by Ingar Krauss, Ute Mahler & Werner Mahler, Hans-Christian Schink and Ulrich Wüst, which deal with life in different ways away from the metropolises dedicate. The Photographic Collection - Kummerow Castle thus also introduces the new format of an annual temporary exhibition.
The Latin term Provincia was used in the administrative terminology of Rome: here the supply of the ancient metropolis was ensured.
And while the late Latin meaning of the word is still used today in large parts of Europe as a "region" or "district" in neutral language, the corresponding German term "province" has a negative connotation here. Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is such for many people an epitome of province - a near-natural and poorly populated federal state with comparatively few and rather small cities.
The youth in particular always seem to be on the go here. At the same time, the area is also a place of longing for stressed city dwellers with promises of freedom for dreams and experiments, as well as space for relaxation and seclusion. The exhibition in Kummerow Castle does not represent the province as a lost or even detached region.
Instead, the unexcited and often poetic images show one neglected, but quiet area full of potential.
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