Excavation - Nguyen Xuan Huy

Excavation - Nguyen Xuan Huy
03. August 2020

Nguyen Xuan Huy's current work is entitled "Excavation", "Ausgrabung". The eye is the symbol of perception.
Once buried, we can no longer differentiate between good and bad. Now we try to expose it again ... a Sisyphean work.Ngyuen Xuan Huy came to Germany from Vietnam at the age of 17, studied at the Halle Castle and completed a master's degree at the same art college. Scholarships have taken him to France and the United States. Today he lives in Berlin, inspired by classic European painting from the Renaissance to the Fauves, Nguyen develops image programs with high thematic density and social explosiveness. In the first years after completing his studies, Nguyen was still devoted to Vietnamese topics, but has been setting for about a decade he is critical of the state of Europe. His works are often metaphorical and take up iconic compositions: Géricault's "Le Radeau de la Méduse", Matisse's "La Danse", Goya's "Caprichos" and "Desastres", Michelangelo's ceiling paintings in the Sistine Chapel. Nguyen's paintings are constructive, vital, perfectly staged and virtuously set provocation. They differ in form and content from almost everything we know from current art.
They challenge their viewers emotionally and intellectually.
Next exhibition: Nguyen Xuan Huy, The Mirror, Galerie Rothamel Frankfurt, September 4 to October 17, 2020

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