Moritz Götze Bernburger enamel art film

Moritz Götze Bernburger enamel art film
05. February 2021

Bible words you can touch
A film by Uwe Dieckhoff

The St. Aegidien Castle Church is one of the striking buildings in the city of Bernburg (Saale). The church dates from the 12th century. In 1751-52 the nave of the old Romanesque church was rebuilt in the baroque style, later changed several times and finally stripped of almost all jewelry. The church has been renovated since 2013.

Moritz Götze was entrusted with the artistic redesign. His pictorial program is based on Genesis and the New Testament. It covers the vaulted ceiling, the base zones of the walls and the altar. Götze decided on a permanent enamel painting. With this extremely complex technique, layers of mineral paints are used to paint metal plates and each layer is burned at 800 degrees. The colors melt into a glaze on the metal, cover it and preserve it for eternity. Then the emails are fixed precisely on the walls.

The barrel vault was completed in 2013 - clouds and stars on a blue background. The furnishing of the south and north walls of the eastern nave began in 2014, followed by the artistic redesign of the altar wall in 2015. The new altar was also inaugurated with a festive service on Easter Sunday 2016. The work continues continuously.


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