Moritz Götze - Lebenszeichen

Moritz Götze - Lebenszeichen
07. July 2021

The past year and a half have been difficult for many artists - Moritz Götze, however, won the best of time and fell into a veritable creative frenzy. Numerous paintings, enamels and drawings were created. The recently published catalog "Lebenszeichen" documents the lavish oeuvre. The new works can be viewed in our Erfurt gallery from November 13th. You can secure three particularly attractive works in advance. They are "enamel ladies" of the youngest generation. All are devoted to the elementary and emotional topic of shoes.

Moritz Götze, "Masse", 2020, email, 123 x 48 cm, 4000 euros

"Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world", Marilyn Monroe is said to have said, And this saying has probably nowhere been interpreted better than by Moritz Götze. The "enamel ladies" are elaborate to capricious to manufacture, but with the right treatment of timeless durability and beauty. First, their silhouettes are cut from sheet steel, deburred and pretreated. After an immersion bath in the basic enamel color, they receive their first firing at around 800 degrees. The paint melts and covers the metal ground with a glass-like layer.

Moritz Götze, "He has the floor full of sculptures", 2020, enamel, 123 x 48 cm, 4000 euros

Now the artist can begin his actual work. The painting is applied in several layers, in between firing again and again at the appropriate temperature for the respective color. Corrections are almost impossible, the artist not only has to know exactly how he is painting, but also meticulously observe the technologically necessary sequence. The "enamel ladies" have a special charisma, they combine the suggestive power of painting with the direct effect of sculptures.

Moritz Götze, "Wieso", 2020, email, 123 x 48 cm, 4000 Euro

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