Picture of time, Annette Schröter

Picture of time, Annette Schröter
10. August 2021

Annette Schröter is a professor of painting at the HGB Leipzig - and one of the most influential personalities on the German art scene. your graduates act successfully on international stages and enrich the image of the "New Leipzig School" with surprising facets. As a remarkable, critical and tolerant teacher, Annette Schröter knows how to let her students speak their own language, specifically promote strengths and accept controversies. She is committed to paving the way for her pupils in the art scene. A tried and tested means are the master class exhibitions in German galleries, through which they made remarkable debuts possible.

Annette Schröter herself, a long-time successful painter, swapped her medium for the sophisticated technique of paper cutting more than a decade ago. What attracted her to this was the challenge of achieving the complicated effects of elaborate painting with reduced resources. The first thing that catches the eye is the format, which has grown to be monumental. Annette Schröter works with patterns and contours, spaces, textures and blurring. But it also shows the real strengths of the paper cut, the linear, the ornament.

One of her newest and most current works is the “Grosse Butzemann” from 2020, with the stately dimensions of 220 x 150 cm for a paper cut. With great enthusiasm for the provocative, it addresses the social customs of our time: the building up of enemy images, the fascination for the cryptic and the subversive (the shredder strips are already built in), the game with wickedness, masquerades and denunciation. Look for yourself.

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