Grita Götze & Wieland Payer

18. September 2021 - 6. November 2021

Pastels and ceramics
September 18 to November 6

We cordially invite you and your friends to the opening with Grita Götze and Wieland Payer on Saturday, September 18 from 6 to 10 p.m. Musik from Fridjof Rödel und Anton Weigel. 

Steine, 2021, Deckelvase, Engobemalerei, 50 cm hoch, 6000 Euro

Grita Gotze

Grita Götze is an extraordinary painter. Instead of canvas, she uses ceramics as a medium. Ceramic colors change their tone when fired, so working with them requires years of experience and technical skill. In addition, it is a special challenge to lay out a drawing, a composition on a curved, three-dimensional ground.

However, Grita Götze's vessels are not conventional ceramics. They are sculptures, without attitude, with a sense of existence. They serve as vases, plates, cups, jugs, at least in theory. Their selected preciousness, uniqueness and perfection make their practical use an act of generous waste.

“Anyone who would like to experience how beauty and the image of nature can mutually increase in an artistic object will find fascinating visual models in Grita Götze's ceramic works. With the gesture of the self-evident, usability and decor, vessel shape and ornament are in perfect harmony in these objects. "
Karin Thomas

“The artist worked on these vessels for weeks. They are the visible luxury of dormant time. Self-will and the astonishing degree of mastery are their unique selling points. There is no squinting to the side. This is a splendor that doesn't care in the least about concepts, trends, innovations and all the other topicalities. "
Rüdiger Giebler

Lemon Stage, 2021, Pastell auf grundiertem MDF, 80 x 115 cm, 5900 Euro

Wieland Payer

A few years ago, Wieland Payer discovered an art historical curiosity, the forest floor still life painter Otto Marseus van Schrieck, called “Snuffelaer” because of his preference for colorful insects. During research at the National Gallery in London and the Alte Meister gallery in Dresden, he came across the dense floral still lifes by Rachel Ruysch and Jan van Huysum.

Payer was fascinated by the moving compositions, the strong contrasts and the uncanny, seductive mood of the perfectly painted flowers, leaves, grasses and insects emerging from the darkness.

With his “Blossom” series, Wieland Payer stages the classic motifs with a new freshness. He accelerates baroque movement to futuristic speed. Rays of light and lightning bathe the compositions in virtual light. A major contributor to the spirit of the series was music - the artist-inspired works by Beethoven, Bruckner, Radiohead, and the White Stripes.

Wieland Payer has been working with pastel painting for more than a decade and has presented this technique with a new look. He succeeds in doing this through their unusual application to large formats, brilliant mastery and careful further development of the technology, through drawing virtuosity and a special feeling for fascinating topics.

The special luminosity and fascinating materiality of the pastel offers the perfect soundboard for the texture and color of the Blossom series.

Wieland Payer (* 1981) studied at the Burg Giebichenstein Halle Art Academy (diploma, 2009), the Accademia di Belle Arti Rome (Erasmus grant) and at the Royal College of Art in London (scholarship from the Studienstiftung and the DAAD, Master, 2011). Works by the young artist are in renowned public collections.

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